Quarantine Birthday

Quarantine Birthday Party

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Will you be having a Quarantine Birthday? That’s a big bummer, but you can still make it into a party! Here are our ideas and input to make your birthday one you’ll never forget (well, that’s definitely for sure).

Bake a Quarantine Birthday cake!

You deserve to make your cake, and eat it too. So make it however you want, and whatever flavor you want… because this is your birthday! Do you need some easy ideas on what to bake? Click here!

Videochat with your friends

Even if you can’t have a birthday party, you can have a little celebration. And we’re all sure that your friends want to be with you.

Open presents!

Maybe your friends stopped by to leave you something, and your parents and siblings (if you have them) definitely will have something for you.

Birthday cards

We’re sure you’ll have quite a few to open. And it will cheer you up… if that’s how you have to spend your birthday.

Wear something special

You know, that outfit you were saving. You can deny it, but we all know you were saving one. It’ll make you feel a bit better, knowing you have that special outfit on.

Treat yourself

Spend time in your own private spa, AKA your own bathroom. It’ll glam up your birthday suit for the extra year you’ve lived. Or find something you really like and do that!


Do karaoke, and for extra points, dance along! And of course, if singing is not your thing, play your favorite game with family or friends (connected through the internet, of course…)


Watch your favorite movie with a whole bucket of buttery, salty popcorn and candies. It’s your day. You get to choose!

Home videos!

Watch home movies of your past birthdays. It’s weird to see yourself grow older and older, and it will add a certain remembrance to your birthday.


Make a birthday playlist, and blast it out the speakers all day long. It’ll be fun to hear your favorite songs all day long, as if the singers were singing just for you. We have some great suggestions for you right here.

Do something funny

If you have a pet, dress them up in a birthday outfit and watch them run around looking funny. You don’t have a pet? Maybe a younger sibling would do…

Talk to family

Videochat with your relatives and give them the chance to say happy birthday to you!

We hope we made your birthday a bit better, but we have one more thing to say.


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