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Hi, it’s Rosie. My friends Skye, Olive and I have made a fun list for you guys today: How to keep busy if you get bored in quarantine. We’re teens , but this list is for all ages!

  1. Study! We know it’s boring, but if you study for maybe thirty minutes a day you’ll be ahead of everyone else when you get back to school, and you’ll be a regular Hermione.
  2. You didn’t get my Hermione reference? Then it’s high time to reread Harry Potter. And if you haven’t read it yet, you should now! It’s available on kindle, and you can definitely get it from the library. Don’t watch the movies first!
  3. Clean your room. I know, we all want to be lazy and catch up on our movies, but we have a lot of time… so you might as well be productive, right? And it’s spring, which means spring cleaning time!
  4. I AM ALEXANDER HAMILTON! You didn’t get that? You’re obviously not a Broadway fan. Yet. We have so much time right now, so you can waste one hour of your precious time to listen to Broadway smash hits. Here’s some you ought to listen to: Hamilton, Les Miserables, Wicked, Mamma Mia, Grease, The Greatest Showman, and maybe Waitress.
  5. Does your makeup look like a Bratz doll’s? Well, then you need to practice! Get all your makeup and plant yourself in front of the mirror. Do you finally have the perfect winged eyeliner? Okay then, move onto the next one.
  6. Nothing left to watch on TV? Bummer. Then you should watch our favorite shows! Rosie’s a big Full House, Fuller House, and Gilmore Girls fan. Anne with an E, Greenhouse Academy and Free Rein are Skye’s top three, and Olive loves The Expanding Universe of Ashley Garcia, and A Series of Unfortunate Events.
  7. MEMES!! Your mom might say that they fry your brains out, but we sure don’t care.
  8. Do you have absolutely nothing to wear? We can change that. Look up on YouTube re-purposing clothes, and watch tons of tutorials to fix up your closet.
  9. Write a story! And if fantasy’s not your thing, keep up a bullet journal.
  10. Make an imaginary friend. We know it’s for five year olds, and makes us sound really stupid, but if you’re super lonely, you might not regret it.
  11. Throw a self-care party! There’s nothing like treating yourself when you’re all alone, so grab a piece of cake, make a bath bomb, bust out your face masks and relax in the tub.
  12. Remember that girl who went to summer camp with you? Oh wait, you have her number! Try and resume contact with all your old friends, it’s not like any of you have something better to do…
  13. Go for a run. We know it’s against your no-exercise rule, but otherwise when we get out, you’ll be like a post-hibernating bear in PE.
  14. Dress up! No, not little kid dress up like a princess. I mean do your make up, and pretend like you’re going to this exclusive Hollywood party!
  15. Experiment with hair styles. You can’t do it during school, because if you do something wrong, you’ll look like a total buffoon with your 80’s curls.
  16. Experiment in the kitchen, make your own recipes! We hope for you that they won’t be too revolting.
  17. Read some books! It’s a great time spender.
  18. Get close with your siblings if you have them; you might be able to build a better bond with them. I’m reading a book with my 6 year old brother, and we both love doing it.
  19. Read our blog! There will be new posts every day!

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