Corona Funniest Covers

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As the whole world panics about the pandemic, the funniest covers to pop songs have been popping up here and there. And they are everywhere. You’ve not seen them? That’s what I’m here for! Here’s the list of videos with the funniest covers which will make you pee your pants watching.

Six feet apart – Alec Benjamin.

This one’s a song about quarantine written by Mr. Narrated For You himself, and if you ask me, I love it.

Lock me up for life – Alec Benjamin.

Sorry! He’s too good, and he’s written two quarantine songs so far.

One day more parody.

If you’ve listened to our advice, you’ll be a musical addict by now. But Les Miserables, musical sacredness, isn’t even safe from this family!

Hello (from the inside) – Chris Mann.

This had me laughing so hard, especially when he… Well, I won’t tell you until you watch it!

The Quarantine Anthem – Jack Maynard.

This song truly should be the anthem, because he has it all right. I WANNA GO OUTSIDE!

Hey there corona – The Kiffness.

This hit me in the feels : Laughing and yet a sad melody!

My Corona – Chris Mann.

Oh god, the ultimate PaNiC sOnG for this.

I Dreamed A Dream Parody – Sutton Shenanigans.

Les Mis is getting awfully targeted these days. The mom’s face though, through all her son’s craziness!

Corona virus Rhapsody – InVoca / by Raul Irabien.

One word to describe this: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Quaranqueen – The Kiffness.

Oh god, I really think this is making our dear Kiffness depressed and deprived. Or shall I say, a real Quaranqueen?

I wrote a song in quarantine – Music By Blanks.

Wow, this should be a hit everywhere! I love it and you totally will too.

Friends Theme but you’re all in quarantine… – Michael Rose.

If you watch friends, be prepared to lmao!

The Epic Hand Washing Parody – Peter Hollens.

God, so many songs ruined T_T.

Do you have a favorite song that has popped up in these quarantine times? Share with us! Would you like to hear more music? Check out our Quarantine Playlist of favorite songs.

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