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Teddy Bear Hunting

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But you can’t hunt for a Teddy Bear! Well, you might think that… However, out here in Flanders, Belgium, that is exactly what little kids in quarantine are doing!

I heard about this through social media and newspapers, despite my Tarzan-like Dutch. Out here in Flemish region, a movement started to help younger kids do something during this quarantine. People are placing a Teddy Bear, or other stuffed toys, behind windows for the kids to spot.

My son and I had not been outside for a while, but when I heard about this we decided to take a stroll around the neighborhood and take pictures of the bears we found.

We also found posters supporting the valiant efforts of all the healthcare staff and service people, as well as white sheets hanging from the windows.

Do people around your area do something special for the kids? How are they thanking healthcare and service providers? How are you keeping your children entertained, especially if they are pretty young? For some ideas for older kids you can click here!

Let us know in the comments, send us some pictures via email, and then we can include more information for everyone to see!

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