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Study tips to keep yourself focused at home

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The biggest downside of quarantine is that you have to *groan* study. Yes, we know. No one wants to, only if you’re Hermione Granger. But none of us are, I think. So here we are today, and we’ll be telling you some study tips on how to stay focused (and alive, hopefully).

  • Study on a desk. If you study on your bed, like all of us want to do, you will most definitely fall asleep. You can add pillows on your desk, or go under a blanket, but don’t get too comfy.
  • Use noise canceling headphones. Aim for the ones that don’t make noise to cancel the noise around you. Instead, listen to calm study music. My favorites are here.
  • Wear comfy clothes, hoodie and leggings or sweatpants and slippers are my favorites, but it’s really up to you to figure that out.
  • Pull out the DO NOT DISTURB sign, because you’ll need it. The best way to study is without distraction, so tell all your siblings to go away!
  • Choose your snacks carefully. We all need food for thought, but if you take a full bowl of popcorn, chips, M&Ms, candies, anything with an overload of sugar, you’ll be eating more than studying. Maybe just go for chips, nuts, and fruit, to be safe.
  • Power the phone off. We know you love your friends, we do too, but if you want to actually study, I highly recommend turning your phone on DO NOT DISTURB until you’ve studied to your satisfaction
  • Set goals. Try to check what you want to study and how much of it per day, so that you don’t under or overwork.
  • Take breaks. Studying all at once just gets so tiring that you’re bound to get things incorrect out of pure boredom or carelessness, so try this: 40 minutes studying, then 15 minutes break.
  • DO NOT PULL ALL NIGHTERS! All-nighters are just about the worst study plan. If you stay up later than what your body needs, it can distract you, and you’ll tend to be more careless because of your tiredness.
  • Try to make notes. Using a notebook for notes, equations, and so forth can help you be more organized.
  • Keep a pencil box with 7 back up pens and 7 back up pencils. You don’t want to have the answer right there and be ready to write it down and have an empty pen. Having backups is always smart, and it will keep you concentrated, if it comes down to that.
  • Keep a stress toy nearby. I like to have a squishie while I’m studying, because if a problem’s really hard or such, you want to kill something. And a squishy is perfect for that, without having to actually murder someone!
  • Work neatly. If you’re studying, and your work area and notes and handwriting are a mess, I can understand your study struggles! If you can’t read your own writing, then either you (a) need a break, or (b) need some handwriting lessons.
  • Ask for help if you need it. If you’re stuck, don’t google it or give it a random guess. Instead, send your teacher an email, ask your parents, and even though it coincides with one of our study rules, try a friend too.
  • Switch it up! Try learning in different ways. Change the lyrics to your favorite songs to something you have to drill, or put the answers to questions into balloons and pop them, or make a game out of it, or maybe write a drill of something on your stairs! It’s up to you, see what you can come up with.
  • If you’re stuck at a question, catch some fresh air. Don’t linger on one thing too long, give your brain time to clear.
  • Whatever you do, don’t leave studying to the last day. Cramming isn’t good at all. Try to spread studying over an amount of days, it makes it easier to do, and you have to do less at once.

I hope my study tips helped you! They helped me, even though I break a rule every now and then…

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