Stories from the Enclosure


Stories from the Enclosure (#historiasdeencierro) is the work of Esteban de Llaca (@eldellaca), a photographer and cinematographer from Mexico City.

Mexico has been in unofficial quarantine since March 20th. The official lock down didn’t start until at least a week later. However, I started seeing these images pop up on my Facebook Feed: the story of a mini-pig (named Tocino), who travels the world through the images and elements within Esteban’s house.

It is a funny new sort of “Where’s Waldo”, full of nostalgia but a ton of humor. I asked Esteban to add his Stories from the Enclosure collection here for all of you to see this virtual trip. Enjoy!

All photographs are the property of Esteban de Llaca, and may not be used or copied without his express consent. Please consider following him on Instagram, and share your creative projects during this times at home! You can send your ideas or contributions by emailing us here. And you may also enjoy our Hunt for Teddy bears Gallery too.

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