Quarantine Daily

A Window to the World

Quarantine Daily is a blog and video project to stay close and unite the world during a time of mandated isolation. We can physically be at home, but we can travel the world through different eyes and words.

The Video Project

This project is headed by Erika Grediaga, film and TV writer and director graduated from the American Film Institute in California.

From a documentary perspective, we want to see how different people, societies and countries are dealing with the quarantine and being at home in isolation. Any person, any gender and any age is welcome. The video should have the following:

  1. Preferentially shot as landscape (horizontal).
  2. Say in which city and country you live.
  3. Mention how many days you’ve been in quarantine.
  4. How are you dealing with the quarantine? Is it driving you crazy? Are you coping well?
  5. How is your neighborhood complying with the social distancing rules?
  6. What is being done where you are to keep social togetherness, despite the physical distancing?
  7. Finally, let us see what you can see from your window: what is your view to the outside?
  8. It is best to do the video in English, but if you prefer to do it in another language, please send your translation so we can subtitle your contribution.
  9. Please send your finished video via wetransfer to our email. Or you may use the link on Facebook to send too.

Here’s the first video of the series.

The Blog

In our blog you might find projects such as seeing the world of an apartment through the eyes of a little piggy, or find how to make bread.

Would you like to collaborate with ideas or photos? Please send us an email and we’ll share your story!

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Quarantine Daily

Kids Corner

Quarantine Daily

In the Kids Corner of Quarantine Daily we’ll follow a blog written by a group of Tweens and Teens from different countries with thoughts, feelings and ideas on how to handle the quarantine.